We’ve created an affordable and accessible way to buy and sell wholesale.  
Discover new brands, all in one place, 365 days a year.

For Retailers

  • Shop wholesale from many of the best creative businesses, all in one place, and all on one invoice⠀
  • Enjoy 60 day payment terms from your first order
  • Discover brands that you might not find at trade fairs
  • Find new products and place orders wherever you are and whenever you need to
  • Receive our free weekly newsletter putting the spotlight on our wholesalers, sharing news of product launches and delivering trade fair and trend reports 

It costs retailers nothing to register to buy through Stand Twelve. If you are looking for exciting new products for your store Stand Twelve is going to become a valuable resource. Use Stand Twelve to find new wholesalers just as you would at a trade fair – all from your shop floor.

And for wholesalers?

Stand Twelve is free to join.  You do not pay any membership fees and we take just 10% commission (+ vat) on the sales you make.  Apply now to join us! 

You do not pay any commission on sales to your existing stockists and Social Enterprises and Charities pay 0% commission on all sales.

  • Have your own storefront and manage all your orders from our easy to use dashboard
  • Get paid for your orders as they soon as they have delivered. No waiting 30 or even 60 days to be paid.
  • See your brand showcased in our weekly newsletter emailed directly to international retailers
  • Be promoted through our social media channels
  • Become a part of a growing community of retailers and wholesalers, all connecting in one place
  • Receive our monthly dedicated wholesaler newsletter with insider industry info, dates for your diary, tips, resources and updates

Apply to wholesale on Stand Twelve today!

About Sophie, founder of Stand Twelve

Long before the words social distancing had entered our vocabulary I had an idea; to create a platform that would make wholesale more accessible for independent creative brands. Not a replacement for trade fairs, but an additional, online resource for independents to grow their visibility, credibility and businesses through wholesale. It would enable retailers to discover and buy from small businesses with favourable payment terms, 365 days a year.

My name is Sophie Dias and I have over 14 years industry experience. I have worked in manufacturing, supply, retail, design, buying and have grown my own small business through wholesale; I know this industry from every angle.
My mission is to help other small businesses grow through wholesale. How is Stand Twelve achieving this? Through a carefully curated platform and my hands-on approach to running this company - supporting our wholesalers and connecting with retailers. Come join us!

What do some of the industry experts have to say?

“Love this idea! A great initiative in response to a need for change. We understand that new and emerging talent can not always afford to showcase at big shows. Buyers also struggle for time to travel so having an online platform as an alternative way to connect is a win all round in my eyes!” Sarah, buyer at John Lewis & Partners

“…a great idea! Wholesale can be pretty daunting when you start out. I’m sure there are loads of creatives who need you!” Folksy

“…having access to this selected database any time of year really opens up opportunities.” Chris & Becca, Truce

“…the huge outlay of time and money that goes into traditional trade shows – it’s about time to disrupt that model. ” Yeshen Venema, photographer

“…there’s a big gap for projects like yours.  There’s plenty of people creating design companies but coming from areas where they haven’t used any marketing or business related resources at all; not to mention contact with retailers.” bcn_tku, artist

“…the cost of trade fairs was so out of budget with no guarantee of even getting orders to cover it… There is a definite need for what you are doing…” Kate Campbell, designer & stylist

I … think it’s a great resource for buyers who want to find new and exciting products outside of the trade show season. Catherine Erdly, Future Retail

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