FAQs for Retailers

You will need to register with Stand Twelve to receive your personal login details.

We need to check buyers are legitimate – in the same way we vet our wholesalers before approving their application.

You can choose; you can pay right away, or have the payment deferred by 60 days.
The Minimum Order Quantities vary from wholesaler to wholesaler and are listed on each vendors shop.
Yes, you can, as long as you fulfil their individual MOQs.
This will vary from wholesaler to wholesaler. Lead times are advised on each vendors shop and full tracking will be supplied once your order has been shipped.

FAQs for Wholesalers

Yes, absolutely. Stand Twelve is an additional resource helping wholesalers become more visible to retailers.

No, not at all. Check out our Wholesaler area in the footer menu where you will find a wealth of resources if you need them. And talk to us – we’re here to help!

No, you are free to come and go as you please, and shut your shop for holidays too.

No; if retailers want to know prices they will have to register for an account with Stand Twelve.

As often as they need to! In fact we will be actively encouraging wholesalers to update their shops, for both their benefit and to keep the offer fresh and exciting for retailers.

Initially Stand Twelve will be responsible for shop management, but soon wholesalers will be able to manage their own shop.

When a wholesaler engages with a retailer, expectations should be managed, just as they would at a Trade Fair. Wholesalers will be regularly reminded to make sure their inventory and offer is kept up to date. If we receive repeated complaints that a wholesaler cannot fulfil their orders, we will be in touch with that wholesaler to discuss whether Stand Twelve is the right platform for them.

Yes. Nothing beats a real-life meeting and conversation. Stand Twelve is not a replacement for Trade Fairs. It is an additional digital platform for retailers to shop with wholesalers. It has been created to help small businesses grow, and for start-ups to get going in the world of wholesale.

The first Friday after your shipment has tracked as delivered, you will be paid by Stand Twelve.

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